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Every day, Inteliquent completes millions of phone calls and text messages for the biggest telecommunication companies in the United States. Wireless carriers, cable companies, CLECs and broadband service providers depend on the quality, reach and reliability of the Inteliquent network to deliver more than 17 billion minutes of voice traffic per month.

We are completely dedicated to our vision of making it easy and cost effective for you to provide high quality phone and messaging services to your customers.

We combine a versatile and robust network with industry-leading expertise to give our customers the best service possible. Why?

Because connections matter.

Our network offers our customers the ability to:

  • Improve the reliability of their calls by providing tandem switch diversity.
  • Avoid competitive tensions between competing telecommunication companies.
  • Reduce costs by providing a cost-effective alternative to the incumbent tandem networks.
  • Take advantage of IP-based interconnection services and VoIP termination along with traditional TDM services.


Back in 2003, when we were known as Neutral Tandem, we created an independent tandem backbone network - the first of its kind - that streamlined call routing across wireless, cable, and broadband networks. From day one, we knew that focusing on doing one thing well was more important than anything else. That vision allowed us to quickly grow to be the largest provider of tandem network services in the United States. Today, Inteliquent continues to grow and innovate by adding services such as premium call quality over SIP and APIs, allowing us to seamlessly integrate with our customers’ networks and services. Inteliquent is publicly traded on the NASDAQ and has a highly successful record of delivering innovative solutions, profitable returns, and transparency.


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Alina Rattanasavanh, Product Analyst and Tabitha Long, Director, Marketing

With a history of innovation, backed by 13 years of experience, Inteliquent is the leading tandem network provider with presence in 190 markets. We are curious, passionate problem-solvers continually creating new products to meet our customers’ needs. From our legacy product, access tandem, to our newest innovation, Omni, our mission as an interconnection provider is to enable our customers to serve their customers. Learn more about Inteliquent and our history of delivering high-quality products that support real time communications from our CIO and EVP, Brett Scorza.

Are you a passionate problem-solver ready to change the world of telecommunications? Join us as we continue to learn and grow through an exceptional team of seasoned to young professionals. Find out more about our culture, people and open positions.


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