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Telecommunications is complicated. Let Inteliquent simplify it for you. With Inteliquent’s Omni IQ you get everything you need to offer LTE voice and messaging services without becoming a voice network expert. Inteliquent provides local telephone numbers, inbound and outbound voice transit, messaging and total control with a portal or API’s. It’s like we deliver the entire Public Switched Telephone Network (or PSTN) in a box.

What's included?

Our solution is a game changer.

With SIP IQ, Inteliquent does more than process the minutes and messages on your SIP trunk groups:

  •     Analytical features
  •     Value add services
  •     Dynamic Provisioning by our API or Dashboard

SIP IQ simplifies connections and adds a new world of capabilities without adding complexity to your environment.

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See how you can simply offer voice services.

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