Local Services

High quality local transit calls with low cost throughout - see how Inteliquent originates and terminates cross-carrier calls within the same market.

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Access Tandem Services

As the leading provider of tandem solutions, we offer a single provider for all your needs. With 190 markets served across the U.S., see how our switched access call flow works as your access tandem. 

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Toll Free Services

An expanding on net origination footprint that includes its own Carrier Identification (CIC) and flexible coverage plans – see how Inteliquent’s Toll Free service provide high quality for any size customer.

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Messaging Services

Together with our customers, Inteliquent engineers and product development teams are working to innovate, expand potential uses and offer new and unique ways to communicate with messaging.

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Direct Inward Dial (DID) Services

Built from the ground up, our robust, high-quality network will provide you with broad US inbound capacity. See how DID works from one of the most stable service providers with immediate availability in 100+ US LATAs.

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Long Distance Services

Utilizing its existing nationwide IP network, Inteliquent provides high-quality, cost competitive call termination services used by many from top industry leaders to start-ups.

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