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Our network can be your network.

From the ground up, Inteliquent has built the largest network of direct connections to our carrier peers from coast to coast in order to provide you a superior quality DID service. Inteliquent’s VoIP DID services provide inbound voice service to local telephone numbers from across the U.S. for calling card, conferencing, contact center or any other application you can dream up. With telephone numbers in the top 100 LATAs (and growing) covering a majority of the US population, we can provide the coverage you need to quickly and easily offer a nationwide service with a local presence.

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DID Services

DID Services

specifically configured for three separate applications.

  • DID-Standard is designed for high-volume inbound apps like Conference Bridges
  • DID-Calling Card is designed for high local inbound traffic and meets all the regulatory requirements of pre-paid calling card applications.
  • DID-VoIP is designed to address the unique inbound and outbound call patterns of VoIP, and meets all regulatory requirements.

We’re just getting started.

Although we are the most flexible and stable service provider in the space, we’re not just resting on our laurels. Our roadmap includes continuous innovation and customer-inspired adaptations to our services and features. We are currently investing in new portals and APIs to improve overall customer experience.



Broad US Inbound Capacity.

24x7 Network Operations Center and Tech Support.

Dedicated Account Executive.

Advance Search Features.

Multiple Connectivity Options (SIP Trunking, Legacy PSTN style trunking & Geo-Diversity.)

SIP to Customer Connections.

911 & Address Directory Features.

High quality traffic from a stable service provider.

Immediate service availability in top 100+ US LATAs.

Call Detail Records (CDRs) by delivery or pick-up.

why Inteliquent?

Native product - no need to cobble together a solution.

Financially strong - we’re not going anywhere.

77 Tickets per billion calls.

Willingness to adapt to meet your personalized needs.

New Features and APIs to ensure the best overall cost experience.  

Robust, highest-quality network.

Continuous product development.

New LATAs added regularly.

Detailed reports.

The price is very nice.

Our model is designed with your profits in mind. We also go above and beyond in our reporting to you, providing call volumes according to state with breakouts for local, intra-state and inter-state jurisdictions. Raw CDRs can be picked up on our secure ftp service or be pushed monthly to your server or third party billing agent.

Your wish is our command.

Experience the industry’s best network, we receive less than one trouble ticket for every ten million calls.
We take care of every last detail. Trained technical customer implementation specialists design and implement your network interconnects, capacity plans and routing translations and manage your trouble tickets. We don’t even insist that you use our ticketing process, and can accept your requests through a variety of methods.

The Inteliquent team helps your business grow with product management insights, traffic pattern analysis roadmap and new feature discussions, and our annual DID Product Summit. It’s all just a part of our industry leading customer support and service.

connections matter

It’s easy to do business with Inteliquent.

Every customer has a highly experienced, dedicated account executive who knows your business objectives. Our 24x7 Network Operations Center provides tech support any time of day, but you may never even need to use it. Our recurring call quality assessments and real-time monitoring of network performance make sure that you are always up and running.

Have questions for an Inteliquent product expert? Looking for a price quote? We’re here when you’re ready to get in touch.

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