Product Spotlight: Local Connect

April 05, 2017

Reduce Costs and Expand into New Local Markets — Quickly and Easily

When you remove the need to deploy costly and time-consuming communications infrastructure, you enable carriers to grow their customer base without having to build and operate local networks. Local Connect is an innovative network solution designed for RLECs, CLECs, Wireless carriers and MSOs to leverage Inteliquent's carrier-grade network for purposes of eliminating connections to the public telephone network.

This relieves the burden of fixed network expenses and allows for risk-free expansion into new markets. The typical array of connections required to receive calls from LECs, wireless and long distance providers is replaced with a simple network interconnection to Inteliquent. Connectivity with Inteliquent may be SIP or TDM, which significantly reduces the classic burden of network infrastructure born by most carriers. The availability of a SIP option provides an opportunity to eliminate TDM interconnections completely.

Best of all, Inteliquent's Local Connect customers retain all the benefit of being a carrier. Their telephone numbers continue to reflect their company ownership and they retain all of their existing carrier rights and management of enhanced services such as local number porting and emergency services (911).

Local Connect Benefits Include:

  • Enter new markets quickly and inexpensively
  • Eliminate costly TDM circuit infrastructure
  • Expand reach without building a network
  • Convert to an all-IP infrastructure
  • Gain more control of processes and assets
  • Refocus resources towards customers and away from infrastructure

Until recently this service was limited to Verizon RBOC markets, but now Inteliquent is happy to announce expansion into AT&T RBOC markets with CenturyLink markets on the horizon.

Learn more about Local Connect or contact Inteliquent sales at 855.404.4768.


John Nickey joined Inteliquent in 2014 as Director of Product Development for Local Connect and Local Voice Services. He is currently the subject matter expert responsible for the growth of Inteliquent's Local Connect services. John has over 20 years of experience within the telecommunications industry including management positions at companies like Level(3) and


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