RLEC Industry Happenings: RTIME, WTA, MTA and More

April 10, 2017


The 2017 industry meeting season got off to a great start at NTCA's RTIME meeting in San Diego. It was an excellent opportunity to continue spreading the word that Onvoy's acquisition of ANPI in the second half of 2016 was paying dividends for our hundreds of rural customers in the form of enhanced services and capabilities. It was very uplifting to hear from longtime ANPI and Onvoy customers alike about their enthusiasm for the direction of Onvoy under CEO Fritz Hendricks' leadership.

After barely unpacking from RTIME, it was announced that Onvoy's owners had acquired Inteliquent, and that going forward the entire company would be branded as Inteliquent. Explaining my third business card in seven months was not a problem however, since the story of adding scale and scope to a company focused on the success of rural ILECs is a compelling one.

WTA and MTA Annual Meetings

Dave Manfredo (VP of RLEC Sales) and I rolled out our new Inteliquent identity at the excellent WTA meeting in South Carolina recently. This event was quickly followed by an Inteliquent User Group Meeting at the annual meeting of the Minnesota Telecommunications Alliance (MTA), the largest statewide industry meeting in the country. Minnesota is the original home base for Onvoy, and what better place could there be for Fritz, Dave, Tom Kohlbry (Regional Sales Manager) and others to talk about the heavyweight presence our company has become. In addition, we were able to demonstrate to the capabilities and enhancements of our hosted UCaaS platform.

NTCA's Legislative and Policy Conference

At the same time as the MTA meeting, I attended NTCA's Legislative and Policy Conference. Our rural industry is always busy on the legislative and regulatory fronts, in large part because poor regulatory policy and/or regulatory uncertainty can undermine business success and customer services in rural America. While, through the extreme hard work of industry advocates, some regulatory uncertainty has been achieved, there is still significant policy turmoil affecting our industry: What will be the priorities of the FCC under new leadership? Will there be significant new governmental spending on infrastructure deployment, and will rural broadband spending be included? Will budget issues impact availability of capital for rural telecommunications?

The positive view is that the rural industry has persevered and even prospered in previous times of turmoil and uncertainty. Doing so again may require adaptation, innovation and change, and I am pleased Inteliquent is well positioned and committed to work hand in hand with our customers on achieving success.

We look forward to spreading the news about Inteliquent at a wide range of industry events in the months ahead.


Andy has worked on behalf of rural ILECs throughout his 35+ year career in telecommunications. In addition to his five years with us, he has advocated for the industry in legislative, regulatory and business settings during previous stints with NTCA, NRTC and two prominent telecommunications law firms.


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