Office Olympics

August 30, 2016

While discussing sports with a fellow coworker, I jokingly suggested: “We should host Inteliquent’s very first Office Olympics!” We went back and forth suggesting the different events our colleagues would compete in. From office chair races and typing contests to corn hole and hacky sack competitions, our enthusiasm on the subject kept building as the conversation developed. As members of other teams walked by, they joined our huddle to pitch ideas for games and what started as a joke became something to be excited about. When we brought the Office Olympics idea to the person whose approval we would need to make it happen, the answer we got was “Plan it.”

This event may seem insignificant to the company’s success on the surface, but its value as an indicator of the state of our organizational culture should not be underestimated. Of course, this is a fun example. However, it serves to demonstrate the corporate culture we get to enjoy as employees at Inteliquent. We work in an environment that enables us to come together and share ideas over casual conversations. In this environment we have highly experienced people who are generous with their knowledge. To top it off, we benefit from the freedom to reach out to the decision makers of the company and propose the new idea, which has by then been refined by a community of thinkers. This cycle motivates members to continue communicating ideas and work as a unit, making Inteliquent the well-oiled machine that we are proud to be a part of today.


Nico plays guitar, he’s funny, speaks three languages and is proud of his French-Colombian heritage. Nico is recently married.


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