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December 08, 2016

Did you know the portal and API now support toll free ordering?

  • Whether you’re your own RespOrg or not, you can place your order through our system and you’ll receive email notifications on order updates and completions.

Did you know you can set a default port time for your company when submitting orders through the portal?

  • Just check the “Set as Default Port Time” box after selecting your desired time.

Here are some more fasinating facts about our behind-the-scenes automation:

  • Did you know that new telephone numbers ordered from Inteliquent inventory are automatically placed into service on the same day the order is placed? Small-quantity orders are processed within seconds!
  • Did you know that you can move telephone numbers between trunk groups and disconnect numbers via the portal? Orders are processed automatically the same day they are placed.
  • Did you know the portal integrates directly with certain other carriers for telephone number porting? This allows Inteliquent to provide customers faster response time for port requests, and expedites the porting process!
  • Did you know you can submit a request through the portal for Inteliquent to order new telephone numbers from the NPAC when you cannot find something in inventory? We cannot always guarantee that the numbers can be ordered, but when possible we can provide you with an ETA or offer an overlay option.

**Want to learn more about our portal and API? Contact the Inteliquent Sales team today and request a demonstration!**


Gloria Scott, Business Analyst - A yogi, novelist, doodler, indie music junkie, and sci-fi nerd. She prefers vegetarian food and armless chairs.


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