Welcome to InterConnected

July 22, 2016

You may have noticed we’ve changed our look this year, a new logo, new vibrant colors and a new website with new services. There’s an explosion of energy with renewed creativity here at Inteliquent and we want to share it all with you in a fresh and intimate way. And that’s why it’s time for InterConnected, a direct and informal way to provide you with insights into what is going on inside our company and inside our heads.

InterConnected will introduce you to employees from across the Inteliquent organization that will share the latest communications and tech information in an easy to understand manner. We’ll provide industry insights, best practices, and shine a spotlight on our corporate culture all on a weekly basis. We’ve also added share buttons to make posts easy to share with friends and families and of course we want to hear from you so feel free to provide comments. We’ll read them all.

We do this because to us, connections matter.


John is responsible for all things branded here at Inteliquent. He spends enough time in Chicago to be considered a native, but lives in Denver with his family where he enjoys mountain biking and hiking.


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