Business Communications Made Easier For Consumers through Text Messages

October 17, 2016

Businesses using text messaging to communicate with their customers is a recent phenomenon that is rapidly gaining in popularity. More and more, we are receiving real-time text messages with appointment reminders, updates that the ride or food we ordered has arrived, balance notifications for credit cards and even fraud indicators on our bank accounts.

I’m loyal to great service providers and I appreciate the convenience of receiving text messages directly to my smart phone from businesses that I often frequent like my dentist, hair salon, dog groomer, yoga studio and dry cleaners. I like the extra attention to detail that text messages provide – for example, a sale alert at Nordstrom on my favorite designer brand– and so I hand out my mobile number like a business card! I also love being able to text my favorite businesses back or initiate a conversation through text. For example, I can let my dog groomer know that I’m running late to pick up my dog but that IOMW (I’m on my way)!

Aside from my personal preferences, the growing trend of business-to-consumer texting is of particular interest to me as a marketer. It is said that more than 95 percent of text messages are read within five minutes of receipt – this is an important statistic to consider! It makes business texting a viable option for a direct marketing campaign, but it can also achieve high marks for customer experience in general.  

At Inteliquent, we understand the endless opportunities that business-to-consumer texting can provide for our customers, so we are diligently focused on making it simple and easy for our customers to add this capability into their communication platforms. That’s why we recently announced a strategic investment in Zipwhip, the company that made it possible for consumers to not only receive texts from businesses, but for consumers to be able to respond. Through our partnership with Zipwhip, we will integrate Zipwhip’s business-to-consumer text messaging capabilities into our suite of services.

As a consumer and a marketer, I’m looking forward to business-to-consumer texting continuing to grow and evolve!


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