Because Internships Matter:

September 16, 2016

“My time at Inteliquent was nothing short of amazing!”


Throughout my junior year at Northwestern University, academic advisors and professors were constantly stressing the importance of internships. Internships provide students with a unique experience to cultivate their professional development skills, to enhance their personal growth, to gain insight into their interested career field, and to network with established professionals.

…So internships are a pretty big deal!

When I came home in June, I had not secured a summer internship. Consequently, the beginning of my summer consisted of working at the local dollar store while simultaneously applying for internships. I was upset, worried, and slightly frustrated. On Thursday, June 30th, I received an email from Inteliquent. During my interview, I spoke with Becky Row, the head of Human Resources and Tabitha Long, the director of Marketing. Becky gave me an overview of the company’s history and culture while Tabitha summarized goals and current projects within the marketing department. Despite being busy with his own agenda, Matthew Carter, the CEO, sat down with me to learn about myself, my future plans, and what I wanted to gain through an internship with the company. He was truly invested in learning how he and the company could serve me.

On Thursday, July 7th, I walked into the office as a marketing intern.

My first day consisted of a lot of introductory activities: meeting employees, getting a tour of the office, setting up my computer and e-mail, and receiving an overview of what the next eight weeks would look like. On Friday, we hit the ground running! I was immediately immersed into the forward-thinking company. Everyone welcomed me as a member of the team and genuinely expected me to make a contribution.

Tabitha, my supervisor, talked with me about my ambitions, hopes, and struggles regularly, not because she felt obligated, but because she cared. She was always willing to share advice and would often ask what it was that I wanted to gain from my experience so that she could tailor my projects to that goal.

Inteliquent is a smaller company with a little over 200 employees. As a result, employees are versatile, working on different projects that may not pertain to their specific job title. This is what I liked most! Every day I could walk into work expecting to learn something different.

During my time, I developed an innovative social media marketing campaign to effectively target potential customers and promote brand awareness, updated and managed company contracts, worked with Deloitte to complete a 2016 audit, interacted with other employees to implement a training program, and learned A LOT of telecommunication acronyms (lol)!

Although my internship has ended, and I will be going back to school on September 8th, I cannot thank Matthew Carter, Tabitha Long, Alina Rattanasavanh, and Inteliquent enough for having me on board. I had an amazing summer, met wonderful people, and was able to grow personally and professionally. Thank you!


Jazz is a senior at Northwestern University graduating in the spring with a B.A. in communication studies, a sociology minor, and a marketing certificate. In her free time, she enjoys singing, mentoring, and spending time with family and friends.

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