Did you Know?

September 13, 2016

Did you know you can retrieve a full list of Inteliquent’s available inventory, including quantities of telephone numbers in each NPA-NXX combination?

  • Use the TN Inventory Coverage API call, or download the TN Inventory by NPA-NXX report under the Resources page in the portal.


Did you know you can use the portal to run multiple searches for telephone numbers in Inteliquent inventory at the same time?

  • Use the “Add Row” button to add extra lines of search criteria as needed, or choose the “File Upload” option to enter criteria into the search template. You can also achieve this through the API by sending multiple TN Inventory requests with your desired search criteria.


Did you know you can request up to 1000 telephone numbers per line of search criteria in the portal (up to 3000 across all lines)?

  • You can also use the TN Inventory API to return up to 10,000 results at a time.


**Want to learn more about our portal and API? Contact the Inteliquent Sales team today and request a demonstration!**


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