Our Story

We are proud to have helped shape the world of telecommunication and of our heritage in voice innovation. One part of our story begins nearly forty years ago with a local Minnesota telco consortium which eventually merged with Minnesota Regional Networks (MRNet) in 1997 to form Onvoy, Inc. Onvoy quickly grew as a leader in communications enablement solutions including inbound voice, long distance, tandem, SS7, and voice peering delivered over a carrier-grade network.

A few years later Neutral Tandem incorporated in Delaware on the 19th of April in 2001. The company believed in interconnectedness and sought to elevate the landscape of voice technology by providing more capacity and a clearer signal. Over the years, Neutral Tandem transitioned into Inteliquent with the sole focus of innovating inbound and outbound voice services.

In 2007, Onvoy was acquired by Zayo Group and then spun out of Zayo in 2014 after acquiring Vitelity, LLC. Onvoy, LLC continued major growth acceleration acquiring Broadvox and Layered Communications in 2015, followed by ANPI in 2016, all with the goal of expanding the network-based communication enablement platform.  

GTCR, the PE firm which owns Onvoy, LLC, acquired Inteliquent in early 2017 and merged the two companies under the Inteliquent brand. The “new” Inteliquent is equipped to provide customers with a superior network experience through industry-leading voice quality, a reliable and expansive network footprint, and advanced features – all supported by a team of market experts. More than 70 percent of Inteliquent’s traffic is managed on-net, and the network carries more than 22+ Billion voice minutes a month. Additionally, Inteliquent’s portals and APIs allow customers to manage services whenever and wherever they are needed with intuitive interfaces and rich features.

We now have relationships with virtually every major and regional telecom provider in the United States, including:

•6 of the top 6 wireless carriers in the US

•6 of the top 6 cable companies in the US

•10 of the top 10 wireline carriers

“Inteliquent is a leading communications enabler offering network-based voice and messaging services to wireless, cable, carrier and communication service providers.”

A snapshot of the history of Inteliquent:

1997 – MEANS and MRNet become Onvoy, Inc.

2001 – Neutral Tandem was incorporated

2003 – Neutral Tandem first location opened at 2 North LaSalle Street in Chicago

2004 – Neutral Tandem acquired Origin Communications

2007 – Neutral Tandem first public offering on the NASDAQ and Zayo acquired Onvoy, Inc.

2008 – Neutral Tandem fully transitions to an all-IP core network

2010 – Neutral Tandem acquires Italian company Tinet

2012 – Neutral Tandem and Tinet become Inteliquent

2013 – Inteliquent sells data division to focus entirely on voice services

2014 – Onvoy, LLC acquires Vitelity, LLC and spins out of Zayo   

2015 – Onvoy acquires Broadvox and Layered Communications

2016 – GTCR becomes Onvoy’s sole private equity firm; Onvoy acquires ANPI

2017 – GTCR acquires Inteliquent and merges it with Onvoy moving forward as Inteliquent.


Our continuing mission is to provide innovative technology and share its benefits with the world. We strive to be known as the premier communication enablement partner for service providers across the nation and around the world. We will continue to push boundaries and be a driving force for advancement. Because to us, communication matters.