Inteliquent + Sinch: Omni-Channel Communications

December 9, 2021

It’s official — Inteliquent is now part of Sinch! We’re so pleased our customers now have greater access to a diverse portfolio of communications solutions designed specifically for exceptional customer experience. This acquisition aims to create the best omni-channel engagement possible by joining Inteliquent’s award-winning voice communications solutions with Sinch’s industry-leading, user-friendly platform and APIs.

Sinch delivers leading voice, messaging and email interactions to businesses of all sizes worldwide with connections to the largest communications providers in the United States, 600+ global carriers, and 3,000+ enterprise clients. Whether you’re an enterprise, a communication service provider (CSP) or an operator, everything you need to create a transformative communication experience is now in one place.

Get Powered by One Provider: Everything Voice, Messaging & Email

We make it easier than ever for you to engage your customers through highly personalized voice, messaging and email solutions during each stage of their customer journey.

In addition to accessing the largest and most scalable network platform — delivering 99.999% uptime and 300+ billion minutes annually with 95% on-net coverage in the U.S. — customers can now leverage Sinch’s intuitive platforms and APIs to transform the way they connect, collaborate, and communicate.

Make Your Brand Recognizable: SMS/MMS Short Codes

Sinch Short CodesA successful marketing strategy means engaging your customers anywhere and everywhere.

SMS and MMS marketing continues to be one of the most effective marketing channels available to companies. In fact, the average SMS message has a 45% response rate.

SMS and MMS short codes simplify connecting with your customers by adding another layer of personalization to those communications from a brand they’ll always recognize. Short codes can be advantageous for your business by letting you use two-way conversations to build strong customer relationships, improving the reach and cost-effectiveness of your marketing campaigns, tracking your campaign performance and helping you meet strict regulatory requirements. From marketing to customer support, SMS/MMS short codes give businesses an extremely effective and visible channel for customer communications.

Optimize Your Digital Communications: Feature-Rich APIs

Sinch offers an entire assortment of robust APIs designed to streamline and optimize digital communications. These APIs include conversation, messaging, verification, calling, and more. For businesses, this means gaining access to a robust solution, which integrates conversational marketing, e-commerce, customer support, mobile identity, and security.

Whether your business uses conversation, messaging, verification, calling or email, Sinch’s API suite provides a premium experience enhancing the capabilities of marketing teams, operations, and customer service.

Elevate Your Direct Line of Communication: Contact Center

Your contact center is the lifeline for your customers — staying well connected is key to your success. Sinch provides customer-centric contact center solutions for enterprises through Contact and Contact Pro. You can choose between Contact to deliver direct chat support through mobile messaging or Contract Pro if you need a full-fledged CCaaS platform.

Contact Pro is an omni-channel solution taking a current, customer-centric approach to providing customer service. This platform supports phone, email, chat, video, SMS, and popular messaging apps, so businesses can reach their customers wherever they are. The platform also supports third-party integrations with leading CRMs. This makes it easy for you to bring your data into one location, so you can turn customer interactions into actionable insights. This results in lower IT and customer service costs by eliminating the need to support your own call center infrastructure.

Sinch amps up your contact center by delivering an all-mobile reach so you connect with customers on their channels, improving efficiency with more productive agents, scaling to demand for peak coverage and seamlessly adapting to your own apps and the entire Sinch portfolio.

Engage on All Channels: Sinch for Marketing

Contemporary marketing is best defined by omni-channel reach, which is why mobile marketing continues to be one of the most effective marketing channels.

Sinch for MarketingSinch’s marketing solutions use conversations to drive conversions. Our powerful marketing toolkit allows companies to generate awareness, boost conversions, and build relationships with customers via personalized, omni-channel marketing campaigns.

It’s the ideal platform for innovators and mobile virtual network operators (MVNO) looking to penetrate the market using strategic products and services. You can benefit from flexible conversational marketing, giving you more control over individual customer interactions.

Sinch for Marketing helps turn your conversations into conversions by heightening brand awareness by creating memorable impressions through Campaigns, providing 24×7 customer support and engagement with Chatlayer, and giving your customers the rich SMS or omni-channel interactions they crave with Contact or Contact Pro.

Better Together: Sinch and Inteliquent

Sinch plus Inteliquent equals a winning combination for your business with exceptional voice and messaging solutions to uplift your customer experience to extraordinary — turning customers into loyal fans.

Are you ready to explore the superior array of omni-channel solutions on the largest, most reliable and secure global network backed by a team obsessed with your businesses’ success? Talk to our experts about a voice, messaging or email solution which will accelerate your growth and competitive edge.

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