Law Enforcement Agency Support Guidelines

LEA Guidelines Cover Page - must be submitted IN ADDITION to a valid subpoena, search warrant, or court order.

Civil Subpoena Policy

If you need assistance after-hours with an exigent circumstance request, please contact the network operations center.



Before transmitting your agency’s Information Request, or calling to inquire about how to transmit it or seeking to confirm a telephone number that is the subject of your intended Information Request (we cannot respond to email or telephone requests to confirm that a number is ours -- see p. 7, item #5 of guidelines), please review our LEA Support Guidelines posted on this page. 

As defined on page 2 of our guidelines, an Information Request is a valid, formal legal demand such as a subpoena, summons, court order, civil investigative demand, agency order, search warrant, or production order issued by a federal, state or local law authority seeking customer-related information concerning telephone numbers in service with Inteliquent.  A request on agency letterhead or via agency email does not meet this definition and will not be processed.  All Information Requests should be addressed to Onvoy, LLC d/b/a Inteliquent (parent company for the subsidiaries listed on page 2 of our guidelines) and submitted with a cover page form (posted on this page – see “NECESSARY DETAILS – page 3 of our guidelines).  Information Requests submitted via email will not be processed absent receipt a fully completed cover page form.

In reviewing our LEA Support Guidelines, please note the following details specifically:


*CALL DETAIL RECORDS (“CDRs”): Typically, CDRs must be pursued via our wholesale customer(s).  We cannot forward a subpoena addressed to Inteliquent. To the extent we have CDRs (we typically only have a fraction of traffic for a number), they are archived as of 60 days.  Legacy data may be unavailable.  See “CALL DETAIL RECORDS” - p. 4.  If, after reviewing these guidelines, you believe Inteliquent is the appropriate source for seeking CDRs, please first contact Penny Stanley or Scott Kellogg for assistance.

*CANADIAN REQUESTS: Inteliquent honors Canadian production orders and does not require an MLAT.  Inteliquent does not, however, have premises in Canada — email transmission is required. See FAQ – p. 7, item #8.

*CIVIL SUBPOENAS: subpoenas issued in matters of civil litigation in which Inteliquent is a non-party must be served only consistent with our separate Civil Subpoena Policy, which also provides for methods of service, applicable fees, and necessity of a protective order where seeking call detail records (CPNI).‚Äč  See “Civil Subpoena Policy” also posted on this page.

*CONFIRMATION OF NUMBERS: We cannot respond (email or phone) to confirm a number is ours.  See “FAQ” – p. 7, item #5.

*COVER PAGE REQUIREMENT: this form (posted on this page) must accompany each Information Request.  We will not process matters submitted via email without a fully completed cover page.  Do not combine or scan the form.  See “NECESSARY DETAILS” - p. 3.

*EMAIL ADDRESS FOR SERVICE: Submit all Information Requests to [email protected], which by auto reply will assign our case number (if not received in 10 min., check junk mail/network spam filter and call us – do not resend).  Use our Chicago office address where a physical address is required. See “METHODS OF TRANSMISSION” on p. 2 and “CONTACT INFO.” on p. 5. 

*EMAIL ONLY / NEVER FAX: Only submit Information Requests via to [email protected] -  See “CONTACT INFO.” on p. 5.

*EXIGENT CIRCUMSTANCES:  Submit all Exigent Circumstance Requests (defined in “EXIGENT” - p. 5) ONLY using our web-based form (monitored 24/7):  Submission to any email address will only delay response.  Please do not call without first gathering and submitting the information required for the form.

*FAX TRANSMISSION: see “EMAIL ONLY” above – we do NOT consent to fax transmission.


*IP ADDRESSES:  As a wholesale service provider, we do not have information concerning end users (the calling or called parties who are subscribers to our wholesale customers).  Accordingly, details about IP address, or end user name or service/billing email address are neither useful details to us nor information we can produce.  See also “UNNECESSARY DETAILS” – p. 3.


*NUMBERS IDENTIFIED BY PEN REGISTER:  Unless circumstances are urgent, only transmit identified numbers for which information is requested on an aggregated basis (not more frequently than once per day) along with the order(s) under which the numbers were identified.  See “PEN REGISTER” - p. 4.

*ONE INFORMATION REQUEST PER EMAIL: An Information Request may cover multiple target numbers (if all are supplied also in the Cover Page); however, only one (1) Information Request may be attached to an email.  To submit multiple Information Requests, attach each Information Request to a separate email.  See p. 3, item #3 under “NECESSARY DETAILS - Generally".

*PEN REGISTERS / INTERCEPT ARRANGEMENTS: As a wholesale provider, Inteliquent is generally not an optimal point for such arrangements (i.e., we typically do not carry all traffic relating to a number across our network; you will want your probe established with our wholesale customer instead).  See “PEN REGISTER” – p. 4.  If, after reviewing these guidelines, you believe that Inteliquent is the appropriate location for your register/intercept, please first contact Penny Stanley or Scott Kellogg for assistance.

*PRESERVATION REQUESTS:  In most cases, we do not have the information for which preservation is sought.  Promptly send an Information Request to us so that we can direct you to the party to whom you may request preservation — see FAQ – p. 7, item #7.


*SUBPOENA REQUIREMENT: Even though we generally only provide wholesale services, an Information Request (defined above) is ALWAYS required — we must observe CPNI requirements.  Only request customer information by submitting a valid Information Request, and do not request number confirmation — see “APPLICABILITY” on p. 2 (par. 2) and “CPNI STATEMENT” on p. 4.


*TRACEBACK REQUESTS:   where seeking to identify the calling party’s provider for traffic delivered by Inteliquent to a called party’s provider, see “CALL DETAIL RECORDS” - p. 4. 

*URGENT REQUESTS (NON-EXIGENT): For a NON-exigent matter requiring a response within 3 business days of our receipt, please see p. 3, item #4 under “NECESSARY DETAILS - Generally.”  Never designate a request as “urgent” as a matter of course, and only do so as invited by our guidelines.