Before transmitting your agency’s information request, or calling to inquire about how to transmit it or to confirm a telephone number that is the subject of your intended request, please review our guidelines (see link above), including specifically the following:

  1. EMAIL ADDRESS FOR SERVICE: use only [email protected]. Where a physical address is required for the subpoena, use our Chicago address - see page 3, paragraphs 2, 3 and 5 under “Contact Information"
  2. CONFIRMATION OF TELEPHONE NUMBERS: do not call to request confirmation; confirmation can only be provided on a very limited basis — see page 5, item #5
  3. SUBPOENA REQUIREMENT: generally a subpoena, warrant, or court order is always required — we must observe CPNI requirements — see page 1, paragraph 2 and page 2, paragraph 5 (under “CPNI Statement”)
  4. URGENT REQUESTS: for a NON-exigent circumstance matter that requires an expedited response (within 3 business days of transmission), see page 2, item number 3 under “Necessary Details”
  5. ONE SUBPOENA PER EMAIL: see page 2, item #2 under "Necessary Details"
  6. MULTIPLE TELEPHONE NUMBERS: a list must be provided in the transmitting email — see page 2, item #4 under "Necessary Details"
  7. EMAIL ONLY: please never faxonly use email address [email protected] - page 3, paragraph 3 under “Contact Information"
  8. PRESERVATION REQUESTS: generally, we do not have the information to be preserved; instead, send a subpoena immediately to us — page 5, item #7
  9. CALL DETAIL RECORDS: typically, call detail records must be pursued via subpoena to our relevant wholesale customer(s). We cannot forward a subpoena addressed to Inteliquent to any wholesale customer(s).
  10. RESPONSE TIME EXPECTATION: page 1, paragraph 3 under “Timing Considerations
  11. CANADIAN REQUESTS: Inteliquent does not have premises in Canada — email transmission is required — page 5, item #8
  12. CIVIL SUBPOENAS: see civil subpoena policy (link above), including concerning methods of transmission, applicability of fees, and necessity of a protective order where seeking call detail records (CPNI).‚Äč