Our policies reflect our dedication to providing high quality communicaton services.

Subpoena Compliance for Law Enforcement & Civil

Information for submitting legal demands.



Acceptable Use Policy

This policy is applicable to each customer of Inteliquent and any users gaining access to the services through a wholesale customer.



CPNI Compliance

Customer proprietary network information (CPNI) is the information Inteliquent gathers about its customers such as phone calls and usage.


Messaging Policies and Best Practices

The Inteliquent messaging service policies and best practices guidelines are intended to provide general guidance and are provided for informational purposes only.



Privacy Policy

Your privacy is important to us. The Inteliquent Privacy Policy describes what information we collect, how we collect it, and how it is used, disclosed, transferred and safeguarded. It also describes your choices regarding use, access and correction of your personal information.



Report Unwanted Calls & Texts

If you’ve received an unwanted call or text from a phone number registered to Inteliquent, please let us know as soon as possible.



Request a Traceback

If you are an entity seeking a “traceback request” under the Federal Communications Commission’s Fourth Report and Order (Advanced Methods to Target and Eliminate Unlawful Robocalls) issued on December 30, 2020, please send your requests to [email protected].


Separate Legal Entities Comprise Inteliquent

The references to Inteliquent on this website are used for convenience. The Inteliquent group of companies is comprised of multiple distinct legal entities. Although the name Inteliquent is being used broadly to include these entities for purposes of this website, this use in no way implies or means the separate legal entities no longer exist or have transferred any assets or liabilities between them. All such entities remain distinct and separate legal entities. Any claim to the contrary, in any manner whatsoever, is expressly denied.




Tariffs are an open agreement between telecommunications companies and the public. Inteliquent’s tariffs are filed with regulatory entities such as federal and state public utility commissions.



Terms and Conditions

Please review our terms and conditions for legal agreement about use and service.