California Emergency Disaster Relief Program

The California Emergency Disaster Relief Program is designed to help our California business and residential customers, who experience a housing or financial crisis due to a disaster, keep vital services and receive support in the wake of a disaster in California. When the Governor of California or the President of the United States declares a State of Emergency and the related disaster has resulted in the loss or disruption of the delivery or receipt of services provided by the Company or has resulted in degradation of those services, the following disaster relief measures will be implemented where applicable.

Disaster Relief Measures

  1. One-time activation fees for establishing remote call forward, remote access to call forwarding, call forwarding features and messaging services will be waived.
  2. One month of the monthly rate for the features listed in number one above will be waived. The waiver may appear as a credit where it has been billed in advance.
  3. Service charges for installation at the customer’s temporary or new permanent location will be waived, including waiving again when the customer moves back to the disaster-affected premises.
  4. Fees for one jack and associated wiring at the temporary or new location will be waived.
  5. Fees for up to five jacks (for customers with a wiring plan) or one jack (for customers without a wiring plan), and associated wiring will be waived when the customer returns to their permanent location.
  6. Where applicable, the Company will delay the California Lifeline Renewal Process and suspend de-enrollment for non-usage.
  7. The Company will implement the outreach methods per California rules.