Implementing STIR/SHAKEN for Your Network

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Wondering How to Implement STIR/SHAKEN in Your Network?

We’ll help you discover the best solution for you to ensure your outbound calls are correctly labeled and potential inbound robocalls are identified to enable mitigation.

In this Webinar, we cover:

  • What is STIR/SHAKEN?
  • How does transit service work?
  • How does certification authority service work?
  • How does authentication service work?
  • How does verification service work?
  • How do I get started?


Our STIR/SHAKEN experts discuss how easy it is to implement solutions for you.

  • Nick Reifschneider, VP of Product, CSP & OTT, Inteliquent
  • Brandon Robinson, VP of Product Development, Inteliquent
  • Patrick Cook, Product Developer, Inteliquent
  • Jonjie Sena, Product Marketing, Neustar