Make Your A2P 10DLC Messaging Campaigns Successful

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Discover Your Path to Improving Message Deliverability

You already know A2P messaging helps establish meaningful interactions with one or many customers, plus it’s a reliable, safe and fast way to communicate. What might not be so clear is what you need to do to ensure your A2P campaigns are structured to optimize message deliverability. We’re here to help!

Let us show you how to initiate seamless A2P 10DLC campaigns so they become your business game-changer.

In this Webinar, we uncover:

  • What is A2P 10DLC?
  • What do the mobile operators require of you?
  • How much does it cost?
  • How can Inteliquent help you through the process?
  • What tips and best practices will improve campaign scoring and deliverability?
  • How have our customers been successful with A2P?
  • Q&A


Join Our A2P 10DLC Experts

The Campaign Registry

  • Stefan Heller, VP Business Development & Strategic Partnerships


  • Brian Keep, Chief Operating Officer
  • Richard Kaplan, General Manager, Carrier Services


  • Zakir Huzzain, Director Product Management


  • Martin Williams, Director Enhanced Communications
  • John Nickey, Director Enhanced Communications
  • Yoga Alaiveeran, Messaging Engineer
  • Kyle Faber, Messaging Engineer


Easily Provision Registered A2P 10DLC Brands and Campaigns

You can now streamline your provisioning process. After you register your A2P brands and campaigns with The Campaign Registry, you can quickly upload directly into the Inteliquent Customer Portal, giving you the flexibility to make updates through us.