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    E911 for Service Providers

    Connect your callers to emergency services with fast, reliable and accurate delivery of their 911 calls

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    NG911 for Government & Service Providers

    Migrate your infrastructure to NG911 and enable callers to communicate to first responders via voice, text, data and video

    Next Generation 911

Empower first responders to assist distressed callers.

Emergency services can be needed unexpectedly, whether at work, home or while on the go. It’s vitally important to provide easy access and accurate location information so emergency personnel can swiftly respond. Inteliquent’s modern 911 solutions give you the tools to ensure you place public safety first.

Emergency Service Access for Everyone

Our 911 solutions give enterprises, VoIP and wireless communications providers, carriers and government entities quick access to emergency services so calls for help can accurately and effectively be handled within seconds

A Total Communication Solution Bundled with 911

Integrate our emergency services into your Inteliquent-provided communication solution for accurate management and validation of addresses as well as end-to-end call delivery

Turn-Key Infrastructure

Leverage Inteliquent’s leading-edge 911 platforms and networks to quickly and easily meet emerging needs and deliver critical information in an emergency




Stay ahead of the technology curve with our team.

Our team is active in key organizations and thought leadership by participating as primary stakeholders on multiple committees and acting as voting members for some of the top 911 organizations. We’re proud members of the National Emergency Number Association (NENA), the Association of Public-Safety Communications Officials (APCO), Industry Council for Emergency Response Technologies (iCERT), NG911 Institute and the Alliance for Telecommunications Industry Solutions (ATIS).

We understand providing 911 services is critical to everyone. We stay on top of 911 technological advances as well as industry mandates and standards — public welfare is paramount.




Future-proof access to your emergency services.

Expedite your 911 implementation by using Inteliquent’s in-place, nationwide and 911-ready network. With an existing facilities-based nationwide network, Inteliquent can help you seamlessly manage the transition from a legacy platform to NG911 by providing an operationally ready solution.

Leverage our network scale, expertise and service provider relationships to manage the transition from your existing architecture to NG911 while achieving capital and operational savings.



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