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Committed to public safety


Super-charge your next generation 911 adoption.

Public safety can’t wait. If your emergency service technology is out-of-date, you risk preventing first responders from quickly and effectively addressing emergency situations in your community. Inteliquent has the agility, specialized project management expertise and nationwide network to accelerate the delivery of your next generation 911 implementation.

Reliable Nationwide Network

Our facilities-based tier 1 network spans the United States and has multiple layers of geo-redundancy to ensure public safety grade availability and scalability

Quick Implementation and Affordable Solution

With an existing nationwide network, you can quickly turn-up and scale a cost-effective emergency service solution without sacrificing quality for your state, county or organization

Future Proof for End-State NG911 i3

As Public Safety adopts video, data, real-time text and IoT feeds, use Inteliquent's NG911-ready network to deliver and interwork NG911 sessions with various next generation core services (NGCS) provider platforms

Customer-Obsessed Service

Information security processes, systems, portals, APIs and call detail records comply with industry standard quality management practices — certified for ISO 9001:2015, TL 9000 and ISO 27001


Government Solutions

Leverage the 911 call aggregation experts.

Municipalities, counties and state governments face unique public safety needs. Inteliquent is leading the implementation of next generation (NG911) call aggregation from coast to coast and has worked closely with many originating service providers (OSPs), NGCS providers and government entities on large deployments. As an experienced service provider with many OSPs as our customers, we make it easy to onboard and migrate other OSPs to our NG911 call aggregation architecture.

Lean on our experienced team to remove the complexity when seamlessly migrating your ingress network technology to a comprehensive solution.



Service Provider Solutions

Simplify your migration to NG911.

States and counties are changing to different interfaces and technologies at different times. We provide you with a future-proofed single interface into the 911 system and manage the complexities of the transition to NG911 for you. Save time and resources with our turn-key solution to meet changing NG911 interconnectivity and location delivery requirements, plus adhere to evolving NENA i3 requirements.

Inteliquent makes it effortless for service providers to transition to NG911 interconnection and i3 location delivery with our industry-leading solutions.



It's a matter of public safety and the law.


Of originating service providers are Inteliquent customers


Direct interconnection sites nationwide with on-prem support


Of NG911 delivered on-net


According to industry reports, well over 80% of the U.S. population will have already migrated or be in a migration phase to NG911 in the next 5 years

Highlighted Features

Our IP-based solution amps up your migration to next generation 911

Complete Termination Footprint
SIP & TDM Flexibility

Aggregating calls from OSPs using SIP points of interconnection (POIs) and in-LATA TDM POIs for local interconnection

OSP Management

Initial migration and ongoing management in the form of proactive network grooming, TDM to SIP conversions, and more

SIP Conversion
SIP Conversion

Service provides protocol conversion to SIP and delivers calls to the NGCS platform

Maximum Resiliency

Our network is carrier-diverse and geographically redundant with flexible APIs and a self-service portal for reporting

Selective Router Connectivity
Selective Router Connectivity

Supports migrations and ongoing call transfers to legacy public safety answering points (PSAPs)

Vendor Agnostic
Vendor Agnostic

Close collaboration and support for all NGCS providers through the adoption of industry standards

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