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Expand your efficiencies with an all IP infrastructure.

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    PSTN Connect

    Reduce the costs and complexity of managing your TDM network

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    IPES Enablement

    Experience the many benefits of becoming an IP enabled service (IPES) provider

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    Voice IP Exchange

    Connect with rich voice, video and more with single provider simplicity

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Connect your infrastructure to an all-IP network.

The communications landscape is ever-changing, and Inteliquent has the solutions to support you as you evolve, optimize and expand your business. We know you need a partner to support your current operations as you move to a fully IP infrastructure, reduce capital and operating expenses, and enhance your current offers.

Eliminate TDM from Your Network

Calling all Wireless, CSPs and CLEC providers — connect to us via IP, and we’ll take care of interconnection to the legacy TDM PSTN for you, providing an all-IP solution so you can enjoy the many associated efficiency benefits

We Enable IPES Carriers

We help CSPs and CLECs become IPES certified carriers with our complete solution — with service setup to guide you through the required filings, all-IP connection to the PSTN, and additional number management services

Connect with Confidence to One Proven Provider Giving You Savings and IP Access

As the recognized industry leader supporting nationwide IP enablement, we provide the unparalleled reach, quality, implementation experience and flexibility you require for success

Future-Proof Your Network with IPX

Your direct connection to Inteliquent’s voice IP exchange means you’re ready for future video, high-definition voice, rich communications services (RCS) and other IPX services


Rely upon a partner committed to your success.

We like to think of ourselves as communication innovators, but first and foremost we’re the partner who’s able to help you venture into new frontiers by enhancing your current ecosystem and service offerings. We collaborate with you to optimize costs and improve your speed to market, all while helping you amplify your customers’ experience. Plus, we’ll help you with a seamless transition to becoming an IP-enabled service provider (IPES), so you’re always in charge.

As your business evolves, we’re the partner who’ll stay focused on your success — whether you are optimizing your costs or expanding with new markets and services, we’ll provide you with thoughtfully designed and competitive options.


Depend on our team to support you all the way.

We understand your priority is to optimize and evolve your business while maintaining the highest quality customer experience, so we do the heavy lifting for you when it comes to managing the network, allowing you to focus on your customers. Whether you are looking to reduce costs and streamline operations, or if you’re wanting to launch innovative new services, we’re here to help.

As a trusted partner, our team makes it easy for you to save time and money.

You can depend on us.


Minutes of use on our network annually


IP-to-IP minutes of use are on our network annually


Five 9s service availability with 43 geo-redundant points of presence across the U.S.


Directly connected calls originate and terminate on our tier 1 network

Highlighted Features

A single connection offers so many options to expand

Nationwide Network
Nationwide Coverage

We implemented the largest, most successful nationwide IP migration — full coverage supporting PSTN connection in 189 LATAs 

High-Definition Voice & Video

Give your customers HD voice and video and make 300–3400 HZ a thing of the past

Data Security
Protect Customers from Fraudulent Calls

Shield your customers from fraudulent calls and be STIR/SHAKEN compliant

Vendor Agnostic
Reach Beyond an All-IP Connection

Our support experts have the knowledge to confidently guide you through the IPES process

Carrier white
Network Discovery Capability

Our network automatically detects optimal signaling and codecs between two users, providing conversion and transcoding

Rapid Recovery Technology
Speed to Market

Nationwide build-out provides infrastructure for rapid deployment and support of business objectives

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