Voice IP Exchange (IPX)

Enhancing your connectivity with rich voice and video

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Connect to the largest and most capable voice IP exchange in the U.S.

Communication extends far beyond a standard phone call — HD voice, HD video and rich messaging are constantly evolving. As more devices support these capabilities, utilizing a supportive network is critical to delivering the best quality service to your customers. Inteliquent’s network was designed to support these emerging technologies, allowing your users to communicate with the richest experience possible and helping you make the most of your infrastructure investment.

Our highly adaptable network will allow your customers to communicate with whomever they want however they want.


Gain simplicity via a single partner for all your communication needs.

Having the most sophisticated and interconnected network is only part of our mission. Inteliquent offers a comprehensive, deeply connected voice IPX service. Plus, your connection is ready for future video, rich communications services (RCS) and other IPX services.

High-Definition Voice (HD Voice)

Upgrade your customer’s experience with end-to-end high-definition voice — our service supports native exchange of HD voice using AMR-WB, AMR-NB, EVS and other leading codecs

Voice IPX

Our voice exchange connects you to the most IP-based communication providers with a single vendor connection — supporting a wide array of codecs to meet every need and automatically converting traffic when the destination does not support IP

Native STIR/SHAKEN Support

Mitigate spoofed robocalls for call recipients with the most STIR/SHAKEN enabled interconnections in the U.S.


Be one hop away from next generation IP-based communication providers.

You’ll have unparalleled reach and higher quality when your communications services are interconnected to Inteliquent’s owned and operated IP-based network.

When you’re direct to Inteliquent, you can connect your customers to the best voice, video and messaging experience possible.

We directly interconnect the top companies on our IP communications network.


On-net NPA-NXXs are IP-enabled for local and long distance


IP-to-IP minutes of use are on our network annually

Highlighted Features

Your communications revolution is only one connection away.

High Definition Voice and Video
High-Definition Voice and Video

Give your customers HD voice and video and make 300–3400 HZ a thing of the past

Network Discovery Capability
Network Discovery Capability

Our network automatically detects optimal signaling and codecs between two users, providing conversion and transcoding

Rich Messaging

The messaging experience isn't limited with Inteliquent's rich communications services (RCS) network

Native STIR/SHAKEN Support

The most STIR/SHAKEN enabled interconnections in the U.S.

Additional Features
  • SS7 and SIP network conversion
  • Standard audio codecs — High definition, adaptable and video codecs supported
  • IMS interconnections
  • Wireline SMS and MMS
  • Round trip time (RTT) — less hops and faster connections

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