We're not looking to maintain the status quo

Inteliquent is not just another messaging provider. As a Tier One inter-carrier gateway messaging provider, Inteliquent is offering a “One-Stop-Shop” for all your Domestic and International SMS and MMS messaging needs. As an added benefit, Inteliquent offers customers the option to message-enable Inteliquent purchased phone numbers or bring your own. You can trust Inteliquent messaging to meet or exceed Industry policy guidelines.

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• Domestic and International SMS service and MMS reach

• Message enabled DIDs

• Policy controls that meet or exceed industry guidelines

why Inteliquent?

• Inteliquent offers domestic and international reach locations

• Message enable Inteliquent DIDs or bring-your-own

• One-stop-shop for messaging and voice enablement

quality matters

Two steps forward

Inteliquent mashes the world of messaging and voice together. The only US based company that provides a "single source" of SMS messaging and text services. Seamlessly closing this gap is the motivation behind Inteliquent’s SMS/MMS messaging functionality and voice functionality. Together with our customers, Inteliquent engineers and product development teams are working to innovate, expand potential uses and offer new and unique ways to communicate with messaging.

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