Toll-Free Messaging

Relevant connections to elevate your customer experience

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Give your customers flexibility to contact you in any way they want.

Your customers want to reach you whenever it’s needed and from wherever they’re located, so offering them a reliable and convenient method to communicate goes a long way. Our toll-free messaging API gives your business the ability to leverage your existing toll-free numbers by text-enabling them — allowing your support or sales teams to handle multiple conversations with customers via SMS or MMS using the numbers your customers already know.

Experience Network Excellence

Toll-free messages are carried over our carrier-grade network infrastructure providing you with unlimited scale, high-throughput and deliverability, plus we meet industry policy control standards

Confidence Building Delivery

You can trust we’ll deliver critical communications, which in turn increases your customers' trust in your business — our extensive policy control and content scanning filter out abuse and fraud to ensure your texts always arrive to the correct destination

Keep Your Number

Give your customers both messaging and voice options with the same number — Inteliquent text enables any number, eliminating confusion of changing numbers and improving customer experience



Deliver millions of messages.

Send high-volume text messages for promotions, appointment reminders, shipping notifications, customer surveys, service updates and alerts. Inteliquent will handle the throughput you need to send and deliver SMS or MMS messages on-time.

Use the same toll-free number as your contact center or sales line — text-enabled toll-free numbers always convey a better customer experience.


Create meaningful customer relationships at scale.

Keep it personal even when the customer prefers not to speak on the phone — toll-free SMS is most effective using individualized messaging where both the sender and recipient have a conversation over text. By providing options to communicate with your business and maintaining a more personal customer relationship, you can encourage them to ask questions and provide feedback with multi-media communications. You set the course for an improved customer experience.

Inteliquent’s toll-free messaging service is a simple and comprehensive solution to power as many texts as you want to send. Our network instantly scales to handle high-volume messaging exchanges to meet your needs. Set the course for an improved customer experience with a scalable toll-free SMS/MMS solution, all while continuing to use the number you already have.

You can depend on us.


Monthly toll-free text message throughput capacity


Delivery rate of anti-spam toll-free text messages


SMS text messages can be sent per second

Highlighted Features

Improve customer experience with one number for text and voice.

Nationwide Network
Superior Reach and Deliverability

Toll-free messages are sent over our carrier-grade network infrastructure with high throughput

Text to Unlimited Contacts

Send a single message to multiple recipients at one time for announcements, promos, opening and closings, etc.

Support 10-Digit Long Code

SMS and MMS experiences built on 10-digit long code (10DLC) for toll-free texts

Get noticed by customers
Improve Customer Perception

Customers prefer to communicate via text and have better impressions of businesses who do

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