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Reinventing Neutral Tandem – we invented choice

Inteliquent is the number one neutral tandem provider in the industry and first to market. We’re best known for creating innovative solutions for interconnection and interoperability challenges, and it’s no exaggeration when we say that we invented the neutral tandem.

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Here’s what working with Inteliquent means to you

Inteliquent provides an alternative to building and maintaining TDM networks to the numerous carriers needed to route your customer’s long distance traffic. We have built a robust access network between the ILECs and IXCs so you make a single connection to us and we can handle delivering calls to the appropriate IXC for termination or collect traffic from the IXCs to deliver back to your customers. A single connection, nationwide access.

It just makes sense

Some of the biggest CLECs and Cable companies rely on us as their number one provider of Neutral Tandem service. Our neutral platform supports carriers by routing toll free and long distance traffic more effectively and economically.


• Inteliquent serves as Neutral Tandem to connect long distance carriers to your customers

• Toll Free Origination and routing, using direct connections to long distance provider

• 1+ Origination that connects your customers to a chosen Long Distance provider

• LERG Based to provide maximum guidance to Long Distance providers

• IP & TDM network connections available to best integrate into your network

• Options for Origination Services only that do not require LERG activity

why Inteliquent?

• Superior service, diversity and cost savings that a traditional neutral tandem cannot offer

• A single provider for all your needs

• Own your numbers, own your entity

• Hundreds of millions of minutes routed every month


Partnering with us couldn’t be easier. The process is fast and streamlined. The forms are short and easy to fill out. We provide all of our Access Tandem customers with a dedicated customer care representative to navigate a whole range of back office operational issues. We help you complete and submit the required paperwork to NECA and accurately forecast traffic to ensure sufficient capacity to handle your customers’ traffic. We’ll even provide you with your own CABS billing records so you can directly bill carriers for the appropriate access charges based on your tariff.

"I wanted to say how much we appreciated your exceptional support with getting these 2 augments up so quickly! I know this required a lot of effort for several teams within Inteliquent. In addition, your willingness to meet and help come up with & quickly implement a more graceful routing method across our switches proved tremendously helpful! We were able to get through yesterday without triggering the outage we experienced on Monday due to your partnership and support!"

-Chelsea Hoang, AD VoIP/Voice Engineering, Verizon

quality matters

Meet your new network

We operate the most versatile and robust network: our own. We don’t have to integrate a variety of different providers to offer service. Our network was built from the ground up by experts, not cobbled together through random acquisitions. This means that the outages and issues standard to other providers rarely ever happen with Inteliquent.

Have questions for our network experts? Looking for a price quote? We’re here when you’re ready to get in touch.

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