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We’ve already built the right network for you.

Utilizing our existing nationwide IP network, Inteliquent provides outbound voice termination that is trusted by top industry leaders, startups and a variety of those in between. With the scale of carrying billions of minutes across our IP network, Inteliquent is able to provide a high-quality, yet cost competitive service to terminate your customers’ calls. Whether it’s a local call to order a pizza from down the street, a call to a friend in another state, or a call to an international destination, our people, network and solutions will deliver.

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Support both SIP and TDM.

SIP interface into TDM network.

All IP network with an ability to to use 36 different direct interconnection locations across the country.

Largest network with extensive capacity for best quality (compared to leading legacy networks).

Point of Presence: A billion numbers throughout the U.S.

Product includes accommodation for FCC mandated Rural Call Completion.

why Inteliquent?

Up to 20x more efficient than leading legacy networks.

Ensure the lowest total cost of ownership.

Highest call completion levels in U.S. and Canada.

Ability to build out Inteliquent network infrastructure within approximately a week.

Customer Service rep to attend to needs and changes within customer business.

The need for speed.

At Inteliquent, we are all about speed. Speed of interconnection. Speed to market. Speed of implementation: Just exchange IP addresses and you’re done.

With a focus on delivering quality infrastructure, 36 U.S. Point of Presence and because we support either SIP or TDM connections, getting connected has never been easier or faster.

Undeniable cost savings.

In addition to being a “night and day” improvement to a legacy network, the cost benefits of Inteliquent outbound voice termination services are compelling.

Instead of connecting to dozens of operators, you can connect to one and then build out a network to the entire marketplace. This ensures the lowest total cost while maintaining the highest quality. If you’re looking for a total outbound voice phone service provider, think Inteliquent.

connections matter

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