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Phone numbers are the foundation of high quality customer engagement.

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    Connect directly to the largest and highest quality tier 1 independent network

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    Give your customers and prospects an easy and reliable way to reach you

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    Enhance your customer engagement with media-rich texts

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    Place public safety first by sending the most critical calls over our reliable network

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    Send and receive secure faxes at scale with our app or API

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    Number Porting

    Port your numbers to the nation's largest network on-time and without any hassle

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Turbo-charge your growth with a one-stop solution.

We make it easier than ever to instantly and effortlessly establish a local presence for your business in any market. Whether you’re just starting or expanding your current operations, need millions of numbers or just a few, we have the largest on-net phone number footprint available and a vast inventory of numbers to choose from. Inteliquent phone numbers, voice and messaging make it simple to expand your existing footprint.

Local, Toll-Free and Wireless Numbers

Our powerful search engine and extensive number inventory makes it easy for you to find the best number — discover local numbers based on area code, prefix or specific line numbers as well as vanity or random numbers for toll-free

International Phone Numbers

Easily expand your global presence by adding international and toll-free numbers for inbound calling and 2-way calling plus emergency* calling (*where applicable)

Text Message Enabled Numbers

Send SMS and MMS messages from any local 10-digit or toll-free number with P2P capabilities rivaling wireless carriers

Ultimate Flexibility for How You Use Your Numbers

Support your business growth by tying numbers to voice, call center, messaging, IoT solutions, faxing and emergency services







Experience exceptional service and intuitive support tools.

Our rich APIs and customer portal efficiently support your self-service needs. In real-time, you can order and manage your local and toll-free phone numbers, port numbers, activate and manage CNAM, directory listing and 911, validate 911 addresses, apply voice service, enable messaging and more.

With decades of experience, we’re experts when it comes to providing your business easy access to our extensive phone number inventory, seamlessly porting your numbers, and efficiently turning up service, which provides a solid foundation for your success.







Support your business with the largest domestic network.

We try not to boast because we know everyone talks about providing your business with accessible, reliable, secure and high quality communications services. In our case, it’s true and our network stats prove it. Owning and operating our own network and the largest on-net footprint available gives us a distinct advantage over others.

Encounter a distinct difference when you onboard your service with Inteliquent. Our dedicated porting specialists and service managers are U.S.-based and always ready to directly answer your questions. And our technical support is available to assist you 24×7.






You can depend on us.


Phone numbers powered by our network

37% More

Local number coverage compared to the next largest provider


We have the largest owned and operated facilities-based footprint covering 94.5% of the U.S. with 12,800 on-net rate centers


Of calls to our numbers originate from a connected partner

Highlighted Features

Phone numbers are just the beginning of your complete communications solution.

Number Porting
Local Number Porting

Easily port local wireline and wireless numbers

100% API-Driven Portal

Rich APIs and portal to support your self-service needs

Complete Termination Footprint
International Expansion

Full coverage in the UK, FR, BE, DE, NL, AU, NZ, TH and MX with additional availability coming soon

Message Enabled

Inteliquent phone numbers are enabled for SMS and MMS

E911 Calling

Every number enabled for emergency calling over our own network

Secure Faxing

Our infrastructure is compliant with HIPAA and SOC 2 and our fax API is PCI and GDPR compliant as well

24x7 Support
24x7x365 Support

We're available to help you with your numbering needs around the clock

Additional Features
  • Disaster recovery and business continuity via call forwarding for local and toll-free numbers
  • Directory listing services
  • Deliver real-time caller ID with CNAM look-up
  • Quickly monitor activity with a friendly analytic dashboard
  • Build local market presence for dial or texting customer outreach
  • Instant routing for provisioned numbers
  • Complete STIR/SHAKEN solution
  • Option to bring your own alternate local number porting (LNP) provider service

Let's help you get started with the best phone number solution for your business.

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