Custom Voice Platform

Tailored voice communications to drive customer satisfaction

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Concentrate on your app, not the network.

If you have unique voice application requirements, our software-based voice platform can be customized to meet your needs and is pre-integrated with Inteliquent’s advanced network capabilities. Run your application on our nationwide tier 1 network with unparalleled voice quality, scalability and reach. Over-the-top telephony app providers, call centers, call tracking companies and others use our customizable solution to deliver advanced features in a clear and intuitive fashion — like providing enhanced voicemail capabilities, delivering real-time media to your customers, second number applications, blocking robocalls and more. When you have something unique and differentiating in mind, we’ll help you exclusively design and power it.

Inteliquent supplies a wide range of communication APIs to enhance your application, making it possible to quickly go-to-market with a feature-rich app.


Let our advanced network do the heavy lifting.

Our robust pre-built API capabilities are easy to integrate, and you won’t need to be a network expert to add powerful capabilities to your new or existing application. We will help you customize and build solutions to intelligently route calls, provide automated self-service, seamlessly transfer a call and more.

Powerful Call Control APIs

Supports complex call flows, which require deep levels of call control and demanding performance requirements

Incredible Flexibility

Play any media or record audio for any call leg or direction, plus utilize flexible storage options and translate text-to-speech to support your compliance requirements

End-to-End Solution

Fulfill all of your communication needs from the only tier 1 provider who owns its network, platform and mobility clients



Give your team a helping hand.

Our team is fearless when it comes to helping you develop the right solution for your business. Whether it is simple or complex, we help you take it on and ensure your deployment is seamless. Our dedicated support team will be with you every step of the way as you deploy your app on our network.

We’re here to help you be successful from development to launch and beyond.

You can depend on us.


Of Inteliquent numbers can be voice platform enabled

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3 apps in the top 10 business and utilities category are on our voice platform


The #1 retail mobile virtual network operator (MVNO) uses our voice platform


Voicemail subscribers supported

Highlighted Features

Give your customers a simple, yet elegant, communications experience.

Simple Integration

Easily integrate your app with our voice, text, phone numbers and network

Real time media integration
Real-Time Media Integration

Play, record and stream media, analyze calls immediately, convert text-to-speech with multi-language support

Flexible call control
Flexible Call Control

Pre-script your call flows or query an external web service for ultimate performance and flexibility

Data Security
Protection & Security

Our owned and operated network has high levels of security and redundancy to protect your communications

Native Client Integration
Native Client Integration

Integrates with our mobility clients and SDKs, with Wi-Fi and LTE handoffs, Opus codec support and push call notifications

PSTN Connect
Regulatory Compliance

Bring your own cloud storage for regulatory compliance

Additional Features
  • Attach programmatic call control to any numbers in our inventory
  • Mobile and HD Audio Codecs — Opus, AMR, G.711, G.722 and G.729
  • Push notifications using our mobility solution to optimize customer experience
  • Programmatic SIP registration and authentication API
  • Logging and debugging tools for all call flows
  • Dashboard to visualize trends

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