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Quality Toll Free Service from a Company that Actually Cares

When your customers need to get a hold of you from anywhere in the US, Canada and US Territories, you need toll free service providers. Wouldn’t it be nice if your toll free provider would treat you like you treat your customers? At Inteliquent we work directly with all of our customers, big and small, to ensure you’re ready to provide great service for your customers.


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Toll Free Flow

Toll Free Flow

Expanding On-Net Footprint

Inteliquent has built and continues to expand on a net origination footprint with its own Carrier Identification (CIC) code providing a totally new but reliable option for any type of customer. Our on net toll free origination footprint continues to expand. You can use our on net footprint as part of your overall route plan, or we can provide you with many full coverage options providing you with the savings and reliability that no single provider can offer.

Be Seen The Way You Want

You can choose from random or vanity toll free numbers and if you’re not sure what number to pick, we are here to help.

Responsible Organization

Inteliquent is certified by the Somos (SMS) organization as a Responsible Organization (RespOrg) to manage a customer’s toll free numbers. Inteliquent allows a customer to be its own RespOrg or use a third party RespOrg service. Inteliquent believes that your toll free numbers really belong to you, not your carrier. We support all forms of toll free routing diversity to give you the greatest assurance that your calls are delivered to you exactly as you want them.


Outbound Voice Termination Transport of Toll Free Originations.

RespOrg services and specialized call routing plans available.

Toll Free Numbers.

Flexible Coverage Plans.

Extensive Call Detail Records (CDRs) delivered to customer.

why Inteliquent?

No customer is too small - we work with you directly.

Billing and rating options to meet each customer’s need.

High level of quality, with a simplistic service base.

connections matter

Flexible Coverage Plans

Transport toll free calls that originate on the Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) anywhere within the North American Numbering Plan (NANP) area and terminate them to your dedicated endpoints, with fail over protection included at no additional charge. Inteliquent can also provide a multiple carrier toll free origination package for additional diversity, with all calls delivered to the customer by the Inteliquent network.

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