STIR/SHAKEN & Robocall Mitigation

Reducing risk with caller validation for improved customer experiences

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Build confidence in calling.

It’s critical for you to reinforce your customers’ trust in calls. STIR industry standards are designed to provide proof calls are legitimate by confirming callers are who they say they are, while SHAKEN is how inbound calls are handled. As the originating provider or sender of the call, you need to ensure the call completes with a reliable provider to sign for the call, verifying the caller is authorized to use the number. When you’re the terminating provider receiving the call, it’s equally important for you to protect your customers from robocalls and determine call treatment accordingly.

When it comes to mitigating fraudulent robocalls and unlawful caller ID spoofing aimed at scamming consumers, Inteliquent’s solution will have your back.


Discover tools for enhancing your customer experience and compliance.

In partnership with Neustar, we have the tools to provide you with trust-enabling information allowing correct caller validation. Inteliquent’s fraud prevention tools include randomization of two-digit numbers, ANI management to identify and block abusive originating numbers, and proactive blocking to ensure added protection for outbound long distance calls.

Transit Service

Sends and receives all signed calls between SIP based service providers, such as carriers, at no charge

Signed Call Authentication Service

Signs customer's outbound calls using Inteliquent certificates and keypair for end users and small to medium size communication service providers (CSPs)

Hosted Call Authentication Service

Signs customer's outbound calls using service provider certificates and keypair for large communication service providers, Internet protocol enabled service providers (IPESs) and rural local exchange carriers (RLECs)

Verification Service

Ability to pass through signed identify headers, or perform validation of identify headers and pass through verification result via the verstat parameter in SIP signaling

Call Treatment

Applies treatment to inbound calls such as blocking repeated robocalls as well as whitelisting or blacklisting phone numbers, voice recognition, two-digit random numbers and more based on customer-specific rules, or pre-set policy options determined by attestation levels A, B or C using Inteliquent’s analytics and Neustar’s enhanced caller name (CNAM) solution



Protect your customers from fraudulent calls.

Shield your customers from fraudulent calls and be STIR/SHAKEN compliant. Whether you want to sign your own calls, or have Inteliquent sign calls for you, we’ll support your efforts to verify and treat your calls. Our comprehensive solutions offer flexible options with simple pricing to provide multiple levels of the STIR/SHAKEN support you require. Plus, they’re easy to implement and will keep you compliant.

We’re here to provide you the foundation for your robocall mitigation.

Four reasons why you need STIR/SHAKEN.


Robocalls per second — nearly 60 calls per month per person


Amount consumers lost to phone scams in 2019 according to FTC Consumer Sentinel Network Data Book


Percentage of fraud activity which took place via phone calls in 2019 uncovered by FTC Sentinel Network Data Book


Percentage of consumers who won’t answer a call if they don’t recognize the number as noted on a Consumer Reports Survey

Highlighted Features

Our solution gives you the ability to comply and increase trust in calls.

Caller ID Spoofing Protection

Protect your phone numbers against spoofing and increase your call answer rate with STIR/SHAKEN

Complete Termination Footprint
SIP & TDM Compatible

Versatile connectivity option to meet your network configuration

Cost Savings

Simple pricing models and no charges for verification

Easy Implementation

Our straightforward solutions make it worry-free for you to onboard STIR/SHAKEN

Solution Flexibility
Solution Flexibility

We'll cover you — transit, authentication, verification, CNAM analytics, call treatment and certification by Neustar

Single Provider Solution
Single Vendor

We can handle all of your calling needs, fraud monitoring, mitigation and more

Additional Features
  • Rich call data
  • Telecom fraud prevention
  • Robocall prevention call analytics
  • Out-of-band STIR/SHAKEN call authentication (upon industry-wide deployment)


  • ChannelVision Recognizes Inteliquent for Efforts to Detect and Defeat Robocalls


Let's help you get started with the best STIR/SHAKEN solution for your business.

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